Carpenter Ants

Most insects strive in the spring and summer. In the fall most people don’t realize that ants, including the Carpenter Ants

Spider Spraying Services

Strategic Pest Solutions Inc. provides spider spraying services throughout Windsor-Essex County. Our spray treatments will help keep your home or business spider-free throughout the spring and summer season. Contact us to book your appointment (226) 788-9058

Norway Rats

The Norway Rat The Norway Rat is also known as a brown rat or sewer rat. It is the most common rat found throughout Canada and in the Windsor-Essex County Area. Norway Rats are found in a most commonly grey or brown in colour. They are the size of a weight roughly 1-2 pounds, have […]

The Importance of Housekeeping

messy kitchen

It is true, independent of whether someone is a neat-freak or are somewhat lacking in their housekeeping, pests can enter dwellings through structural deficiencies or be introduced by visitors, used furnishings or foodstuffs brought into the structure. Although poor housekeeping may not have initially caused pests to be introduced into your home or dwelling, it […]