Norway Rats

The Norway Rat

The Norway Rat is also known as a brown rat or sewer rat. It is the most common rat found throughout Canada and in the Windsor-Essex County Area. Norway Rats are found in a most commonly grey or brown in colour. They are the size of a weight roughly 1-2 pounds, have short snout and they have hairless tails which are shorter than the rest of their body.

Rats can spread disease, destroy your lawn, damage your home, shed or garage, cause fires by gnawing on electrical wires, soil/damage food products and be a general nuisance.

Rats generally need three things to survive: an ample food source, water and shelter. 

Some things your property less desirable to rats include:

  • closing off entry points around the exterior of your home, garage, sheds and other structures, using steel wool and/or 1/4″ mesh screening.
  • Remove standing sources of water.
  • Removing all garage, debris and other affects that may provide rats with either shelter or a food source.

If you live in the city of Windsor, the city will bait any open burrows located on your property, free of charge. For more information, please see the following link:

If you have a rat or other rodent problem that needs taken care of, contact us! 

Norway rat eating in the grass.

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