Rodents are not just an unwelcome guest in and around your home or business! They consume and contaminate stored food products and livestock feed with their urine and feces, can cause structural damage to buildings and are a major contributor to fires when they gnaw on electrical wiring. They are a significant public health concern because they can carry a number of parasites and viruses.

We can help you eliminate a variety of rodents from in and around your home or business  including:

  • rats
  • mice, such as the common house mouse and deer mouse
  • moles and voles

Why Choose Strategic Pest Solution’s rodent control services over another company’s program? 

  • We have a wealth of experience performing rodent extermination work with hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • We perform detailed a  inspection of your property to ensure all rodent entry points are identified, so your mice or rat issue is resolved for good.
  • We provide emergency service, so you get the extra care and attention you deserve, at no additional cost.
  • Our mice and rat programs are proven and effective. We ensure your problem is resolved – otherwise we extend your guarantee until it is.

 Put our knowledge and experience to work, you won’t be disappointed.

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