Pruning & tree care services

Strategic Pest Solutions not only provides pest control and extermination services, we can also assist you with your tree care needs.

Our team can help you identify insects or diseases that may be adversely affecting your trees and  shrubs. 

Tree Care Services:

  • Insect Control – Our  tree spray service can eliminate aphids, spider mites and psyllids, as well as more damaging insects such as tent caterpillars, satin moths, gypsy moths and spruce budworm. 
  • Disease Control – Trees and shrubs can also harbour bacterial and/or fungal disease. Our technicians can help you identify the disease affecting your trees or shrubs and propose solutions for their recovery.
  • Fertilizing Services – Our fertilizing services (also known as deep root fertilization)  help keep canopy and root growth strong. We inject a slow-release blend of fertilizer around the dripline of your trees and shrubs below ground where root uptake is readily available.  This service can help establish your newly planted trees and shrubs and promote growth on trees which have experienced damage due to weather, disease, etc. 

Why choose Strategic Pest Solutions for tree care needs in Windsor and Essex County?

  • Our team has over 10 years experience in the tree care industry.
  • We use proven and effective methods to care for your trees and shrubs  while minimizing  adverse impacts on the environment.
  • We use environmentally-friendly methods to care for your trees and shrubs whenever possible.

With Strategic Pest Solution’s there’s no more shopping around. You can get your pest control services and tree care services  done in one shot. 

Aphids on a plant
black knot on a tree branch

Check out our some of our fine detailed pruning work!